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IMAX 102


  • Power Output - 3KW
  • X-Ray Tube - Fixed anode
  • Commute Method - Full wave commutation
  • Tube Voltage - 40~90KV
  • Tube Current
  • 50~90KV 15mA
    50~90KV 30mA
    40~80KV 50mA

Exposure Time

  • 50~90KV 15mA 0.1~6.3s
    50~90KV 30mA 0.1~6.3s
    40~80KV 50mA 0.1~1.5s

Power Supply

  • 110V±10% 60Hz inner-resistance 1/4KW or 220V±10% 50Hz inner-resistance1/ 4KW
  • Operation Method - Wire /Wireless control