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IMAX 8200


Highfrequency X-ray machine:

Output power - 25KW
Main inverter frequency - 40KHZ

X-ray tube:

Dual-focus X-ray tube - Small focus:0.6 Large focus:1.3
Speed of rotating anode - 3000rpm

  • Tube Current - 200mA
  • Tube voltage - 40-125KV
  • mAS - 0.4~360mAs

Digital Image System:

Digital Detector:

  • Field of view 17*17 Inch
  • Pixel 4K*4K
  • Ultimate spatial resolution 4.6LP/mm
  • Pixel size 108um
  • Output grayscale 14bit
  • Imaging time 7S

Image Workstation:

Acquisition module - Inside enhancement module

Image processing module - tissue equilibrium, W/L adjustment,Gamma correction, interest district, reversed phase, noise reduction, smooth, sharpen, pseudo color, edge extraction, shadow compensation, filter nuclear, single window, dual-window, four windows, movement, right rotated 90°,left rotated 90°,level mirror image, vertical mirror image, magnifying glass, image zooming, reset, layer information, label character, drawing label, length measurement, angle measurement, rectangular length, rectangular area, elliptic length, elliptic area

Image information management:

Dicom image transmission, film printing, mass storage(hard disk, compact disk)

Mechanical structure and performance:


  • Vertical movement range - 450mm-1700mm (motorized control)
  • Focus-screen movement range -1000mm-1800mm(motorized control)
  • Rotation range -40°~+130°(motorized control)

Photography table:

  • Table size 2000mmх650mm
  • Table height ?720mm
  • Transverse movement 200mm(±100mm,electromagneticlock)
  • Longitudinal movement 100mm(±50mm, electromagnetic lock)

Power supply 380V/ 50HZ