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IMAX 8500

High Frequency Digital Radiography System

  • The high imaging output of 55 kW and 65kW allows short- time radiography, virtually eliminating any motion blurring.
  • Flexible mechanical design ensures the intelligent, friendly and convenient operation.
  • Powerful network functions satisfy the requirementsfor all levels of hospitals.


Power Output - 55/65kW

Inverter Frequency - 60kHz

Tube Voltage - 40-150kV

Power Supply - 380V,50/60Hz

Dual-focus: small focus: 0.6, large focus: 1.2

Digital Detector - CCD detector

High Frequency Digital Radiography System

  • High capacity X-ray monoblock and perfect digital imaging process technology provide the HD image.
  • Large digital CCD-detector satisfies the photography requirements for various body parts.
  • Multi-control method, include close table control, hand controller and workstation control.
  • Full motorized movement controller easy and accurate positioning.
  • APR intelligent design and best parameter setting make operation easily.


  • Output power 26kW
  • Inverter Frequency     60kHz
  • Dual-focus      Small focus:0.6 Large focus: 1.3
  • Tube Voltage  40-130kV
  • Tube Current  200mA
  • Digital Detector CCD detector